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Being professional is what we do

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Pencil House is a Bahrain-based advertising, digital marketing and design company. With the right mix of creativity, technical knowledge and experience, our experts can deliver effective creative solutions. There is no better place in Bahrain to find creative services, digital marketing services, and advertising services than here.

High-quality designs made with the latest technology

Providing high-quality, cutting-edge designs using the latest technology and delivering work on time is our top priority.

Proactive Communication

We are highly efficient in knowing the needs of our clients, and then we will implement those needs according to those requests.


The quality of our work and our commitment to delivering projects on time are our strengths. Our goal is to help our clients achieve high results .

Passion and High Spirits

Our passion and high spirits help our clients obtain their expected results in a short amount of time and they are very grateful for the high returns that we provide.

Timeliness and Responsiveness

Keeping a timeline and responding quickly to your requests are our core values, which allow us to finish the work as scheduled.

Design and Marketing that are Eco-friendly

Developing and producing environmentally friendly processes will benefit the client and the environment at the same time.

Fast and quality services

Let us show you how your dreams come to life

A business’s success depends heavily on its buyers. By understanding your buyers better, you can create products and features that meet their needs and desires. When you have this knowledge, you will be able to identify products that sell, drive sales, and increase retention.we will run all stages of design and marketing process, from Discovery to Research up to the Realization.

We have a clear understanding on the various concepts of today’s competitive corporate world. Businesses need to embrace effective marketing strategies to remain competitive. we ascertain to provide well researched and detailed papers in the various areas of marketing such as digital and social media marketing, product promotion, brand and organizational identity, and online advertisement among others.

we will assist you to complete research work by undertaking Internet Research to gather information or data and analyze. we will also write Final Reports, Research Proposals, Methodology, Articles Social Media Analytics and Projects based on client instructions. This provides an opportunity for us to engage and share ideas in area of research. Be it in any topic, field, question and concern we’ll delver into how and what it takes to have a proper researched, well established in both style, form and standard research.

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A quality and best service

Why you choose Pencil House

You will gain customers by utilizing our Advertising & Digital Marketing strategies.

  • Frequent communication increases customer loyalty.
  • Make sure you are targeting the right people.
  • Maintain a consistent lead generation process.
  • Ensure brand credibility by acquiring